Stefan Guhlke, Ph.D., Chemistry

Site Operations Manager, Muscat, Oman

Stefan Guhlke has contributed over 20 years to the development of PET/SPECT procedures, research, and manufacturing, both in academic settings and as a PET radiopharmaceutical consultant for private sites in many parts of the world, including a post as visiting scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory near Cyclomedical’s Tennessee corporate location..

During the time Stefan held a position as radiochemist and group leader in radiochemistry at the Clinic for Nuclear Medicine at the University of Bonn, he was also responsible for setting up a radiopharmaceutical research laboratory at Bundesinstitut flir Arzneitmittel und Medizinprodukte (the German FDA equivalent).  During his academic career Dr. Guhlke published over 40 papers on topics in radiopharmaceutical labeling and imaging.

When Hamad Hospital in Doha, Qatar, set a goal of being a center of excellence for research in diagnostic imaging, they required an experienced research chemist with the capability to manage both routine production by the Cyclomedical facility staff and to interact with the research interests of the hospital and initiated a rigorous search, with Cyclomedical’s participation through our international associations.  Dr. Guhlke agreed that he would accept this challenge to bring world-class science into a new setting.  As General Manager of that cyclotron production facility since 2013, Stefan effectively linked the production and hospital functions and provided the scientific, regulatory, business, and personnel oversight to maintain product quality and delivery efficiency for patient needs. 

Dr. Guhlke has now assumed site management responsibility for the Molecular Imaging Centre in Muscat, Oman, where he will prepare the facility for new diagnostic imaging agents emerging from international research.  Cyclomedical brings expertise of every level to its site management responsibilities.