Jerry Rasmussen

Cyclotron Supervisor/Production Manager at Wisconsin Medical Cyclotron

As Cyclotron Supervisor/Production Manager at Wisconsin Medical Cyclotron Manager and subsequently Manager, Jerry has been responsible for all aspects of manufacturing equipment maintenance, production processes, and day-to-day operations.  He is experienced in all areas of FDG manufacturing, quality control, dose drawing, and DOT packaging and shipping of radioactive material.  Jerry utilizes proactive maintenance strengths combined with 25 years of experience installing, supporting, and maintaining complex electro-mechanical systems to ensure maximum system uptime and availability.  Instrumental in helping WMC achieve over 99% system reliability where doses that were ordered were received on-time.

As a member of Cyclomedical’s worldwide PET installation team, Jerry installed and qualified quality control laboratories in countries around the globe, solving problems for clients and vendors with dedication and humor.  He is an outstanding instrument operation trainer.

Jerry brings exceptional experience in instrumentation gained in 5 years as a District Service Manager for Agilent Technologies and 17 years as a Systems Engineer for Hewlett-Packard, providing both uptime maintenance and account management to customers with a wide array of complex instrument and computer systems utilized in high volume manufacturing environments.