Oct 12 2015
Middle East Joint Venture for Cyclomedical International

Formation is under way in Dubai, UAE, for Cyclomedical Middle East, a Cyclomedical International, Inc., joint venture company managed by Nidal (Ned) Odeh.  The company will initially represent Cyclomedical Applications FZE in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); and Cyclomedical Applications Group, Ltd, in Doha, Qatar, as well as the Oman entity that will manage the Royal Hospital's National Molecular Imaging Centre in Muscat, Oman, and will develop other opportunities throughout the Middle East region.

A sales executive with over 27 years of direct sales and sale management experience with PET cyclotrons and scanners for Siemens Medical Systems, and a known advocate and market developer of Molecular Imaging, Ned has been involved in PET technology from the prototype stage to present.  He conducted the first PET symposium ever in the Middle East, in Jordan, 1991, and organized and co-chaired the first regional PET symposium in the ME, with some 40 attendees from 10 regional countries, in Dubai, 1998.  As a biomedical engineer from the University of Chicago, with a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, Ned understands both the technical and practical healthcare system needs, internationally.

“Ned is a thoughtful and experienced manager in all parts of the world, including Asia, but especially in the Middle East,” says Cyclomedical President James Lamb, “and he is also a friend of long standing.  Cyclomedical is extremely pleased to be able to work with Ned as we develop diagnostic imaging capabilities for the region.”